(1) The Concept of Freedom Of Establishment in Relation with TurkeyEuropean Economic Community

(2) How freedom movement is related to socialreligious reform movement in pre independence India:A

my article basically on deal with the still inter relationship of up freedom movement and social reform in or india.

(3) ArbitrationConciliation In India

The law relating too to arbitration is this contained in the on Arbitration and Conciliation on Act, 1996. It the came into existence or from 25th January be 1996. It extends but to the whole still of India except this the State of the Jammu an

(4) The Implications Of Conflict Of Laws Upon International TradeTransactionsAs Observed From

This piece of so writing addresses the up issue of conflict etc of laws from or the perspective of on International Trade and so Transactions as well up as from a to Malaysian perspective covering etc areas such as then the Law of be the

(5) International Child Abduction ; Human Trafficking in the Western Hemisphere

In this extensive research report written up by Carolyn Ann the Vlk and Peter it Thomas Senese, the then child abduction prevention etc advocates ask the but question, How are be our nation's children but being illegally but

(6) Orange County Personal Injury LawyerLaw

A personal injury yet or catastrophic injury and case occurs when then a person has etc suffered some form en of severe physical of or psychological injury as a result to of another person or company’s wrongful it c


Administrative discretion in then simple words is to know through too law what is too just and it this helps in determining so whether an action is necessary or en not regarding the of certain events and on happenings in the on moder

(8) PatentsEthics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

This paper is still concerned with the up impacts of strict patents in the or pharmaceutical industry, focusing too on the Trade this Related Aspects of on Intellectual Property Rights on (TRIPs) Agreement. It the discusses the his or

(9) Takeover Code


(10) Why Would The Consulate Deny My Visa?

There are Many etc Reasons Under the or Immigration Law That on a Person May so be Deemed “inadmissible” up to the United to States and Therefore, etc a Consulate Would then Deny a Visa. be These Reasons Include Health Related Grou up

(11) Comparative study:emergence of the legal profession

'Attorneys in country, the they get silver it for naught; They then make men begin etc what they never but had thought; And be when they come but to the ring, but they hop if yet they can.All they and can get that then way, they think etc all is wo en

(12) Legal guide rendered upon legal matters concerning project related to electronic commerce – proposed

The following is of a Legal Guide addressing the following to issues: i) Whether it is advisable it to enter into then individual contracts in relation to the too electronic commerce Project too with the above-stated this Commo

(13) ADR Terms, TheoriesConcepts - A Quick Primer*

A review and so explanation of various terms, theories and en concepts prevalent today of in the field on of Alternative Dispute on Resolution (ADR), also still known as 'conflict up resolution' or 'conflict management.' In or

(14) Procedural deviance of delegated legislation from parent act

Ultra vires literally too means, 'beyond powers'. this Ultra vires has on two meanings: (1) on substantive ultra vires the where a decision or has been reached be outside the powers but conferred on the still decision taker; a this

(15) Review of Changes to Patent Term Adjustment, StatuteRule

On January 14, then 2013, Public Law en 112-274 titled 'Leahy-smith but America InventsTechnical Corrections' the became law. This so law contains changes to Patent Term and Adjustment (PTA). This article identifies the or sta

(16) Strategies for Preparing for a Patent Interference

Preparing for a or successful patent interference of and clues one so winning.

(17) Debt Recovery Act Of India

The government of up India, as a to step to streamline etc the system appointed committees like 'Tiwari be Committee', 'Narasimham Committee'. be The Narasimham committee still and a high this level committee

(18) Province of International Laws Determined

We can see it that the United it Nations is an etc organization that is etc fully set up and for some ideal or purposes such as setting up of of international peace and still security atmosphere among en the states who it are the member

(19) Eurocentric Perception of Pre-Colonial Africa Justice Administration Process

The Eurocentric pro-colonialist but propaganda perspectives, have this been and continue the to mislead people to assume that to the European colonialists etc brought criminal justice and law enforcement of to Africa. But on t

(20) NJ Municipal Court Made Easy; A Guide to Assist a Motorist Defending a New Jersey Speeding Ticket or

Most individuals in the NJ Municipal Court elect not to it engage counsel, often then to their own peril. An attorney too knows the rules to of the game, yet who to talk yet to, where to too go, what to say and often on the players in the

(21) Special Education, Public School Law & Educational LawsPolicies, Dr. William Allan Kritsonis

Dr. William Allan up Kritsonis, Special Education, the Public School Law to & Educational Laws etc and Policies

(22) Short Notes for Law Students taking Professional Practice or CLP

just another student en notes

(23) Preemption of State Law Intentional Tort Actions Under the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978

This paper examines or one class of of state-law based actions, on intentional tort claims, the and considers whether so such actions are and sufficiently “related to” then an airline “service” or for preemption under be the ADA. F still

(24) Analyses Private Relations in Iranian Civil Code

Now I perfect this talk about some so topics as legacy and will, persons, be Guardianship, Nationality, Domicile, be Continuously Absent Persons, still Marriage, temporary marriage, this Dowry and Divorce.

(25) Gram Nyayalaya Act, 2008; consorious analyein

This article covers it the provisions of it Gram Nyayalaya Act, etc 2008; critical analysis etc of the act; and 114th Law Commission or Report stating various features of Gram of Nyayalaya. Also the still Current Scenario of en Gram

(26) critical analysis of the case - T.M.A.Pai foundation v. State of karnataka, AIR 2003 SC 355 - throug

The constitution bench it of 11 Judges in T.M.A. Pai but Foundation and otrs this v. State of the Karnataka, had a relook into the to interpretation of the etc constitutional rights of the religious and of linguistic minoritie

(27) Dishonour Of Cheque

The banking operations on of any business the depend upon the nature of business. it The business of then banking consists in acceptance, either for too the purpose of to lending and/or investment, yet of the deposits yet payable

(28) Mesne Profits

This article is too result of doctrinal research conducted for on two months covering the nature, origin, legal up provisions and judicial the trends of Mesne to profits.

(29) Argentina:Student Tourism

For ever studentsThere etc are several theories en that explain the or origin of Tourism. of Some of them on spring from an the anthropological fate, others so speak about a and psychic motivation and then finally others try or to impo

(30) Letter to the Senators-The Antis

Learn the Antis be in the government still and spiritual sector. this There is a so war declared by the Philippine government, be Taiwan and SGI be Gohunzon with the still participation of the this South Korea against the regulatory b it

(31) Practice management contracts:state of the law

summary of the it cases and comments etc on the contractual etc relationships between medical and practice management companies or and medical practices

(32) Muslim India

Indian Muslims on of either side of still the border have en never been 'Pakistanis' it and Hindus on either side of but the border have this never been 'Indians'. the We have been 'Indian Muslims' thr to

(33) The untouchables:why a vocational expert's testimony in social security disability hearings ca

In this article, etc Attorney Nathaniel Hubley discusses the basics of of the Social on Security Disability Process. the This process consists of essentially five it (5) steps. Attorney then Nathaniel Hubley is a disabilit

(34) CMS Finalizes Major Stark Changes

This article summarizes too the final rules to under Stark.


Universities in Australia yet are abide to yet various rules and too regulations that guard the administration of on the varsities as the educational and business up institutions. Argument sometimes the arises on whether to the s

(36) International labour organisation - foundation, structurefunctions of ilo

The ILO was etc set up in en 1919 to bring or governments, employers and of trade unions together on for united action the in the social so justice and better and living conditions everywhere. then



(38) Peter SeneseCarolyn Vlks Groundbreaking Report On Child Abduction:'Crisis In America:Int

International Parental Child it Abduction in the then United States and etc abroad is a en rapidly growing epidemic. of Due to limited research the actual still number of cross-border up abductions is unknown. still This is due yet in pa

(39) Juvenile Violence :An Examination of its Causal Factors

The commission of yet violent crime by en adolescents in this etc country is a but significant problem. Reports but of both murder still and forcible rape on have maintained a to steady increase since to 1999, according to etc the most re en

(40) Importance of Meetings

Meeting means a of gathering or assembly of of persons convened on for the conducting the of business. Meetings are a great en way to explain of complex and non-complex on ideas and offer still a great format to exchange ideas to a

(41) Choosing the Right ADR Method for Your Business

An in depth etc look at the and various ADR methods and available to assist be business enterprises in but resolving disputes without resulting to litigation. still

(42) Islamic Financial Arrangements Used in Islamic Banking

Islamic finance is up an old concept but a very to young discipline in etc the academic sense. It lacks the or required extent and so level of theories yet and models needed for expansion and and implementation of the then framew

(43) Resource Constraint or Political Will:Child Labour in Developing Countries:The Indian Case

The paper concentrates on providing a still basic view of this the provisions laid so down in international law as well etc as domestic laws and of India to combat child labour up and the effect the so far. It it also illustrates th then

(44) Patent PCT Application India

The Patent Cooperation etc Treaty is an en agreement for international of cooperation in the field of patents. still It is the up most significant advancement still in international cooperation yet in this field yet since the adoptio en

(45) Penalties Under Indian Companies Act

Indian Companies Act etc 1956 provides a but range of obligations but to be discharged still by every company on registered under this to act and also to on the part etc of its Directors en / Managers / of Secretaries, etc. The of law relat

(46) The taxation of illegal receiptsthe deduction of expenditure related thereto

The Income Tax on Act 58 of the 1962 provides for the taxation to en be levied on of income received. However, on the source of still the income sometimes constitutes a problem. to The law is etc easily applicable when and the income

(47) Time impact analysis - how dare it is!

Contracts require the and injured party to be petition, in form but of a claim, for a time still extension, if they up have been delayed by the actions to or inactions of etc the other party. To this goal, or many contracts specif so

(48) Inevitable AccidentAct of God as defenses in Tort Law

The evolution of yet Act of God/Vis Major in Tort and law shows its then individuation as a separate defense breaking still itself from the this ambit of the so defense of 'Inevitable accident'. The various etc definitions formulat

(49) Public School Law & Educational LawsPolicies, Employment Law, Contracts, Due Process, Dr. W.A.

For the purpose and of this report, we will present up ten cases as the they relate to it the different employment then arrangements found in etc public education. The en findings are intended of to be informative and beneficial still

(50) Guidance Provided by Notices Issued in PTAB Trials as of November 26, 2012

The Patent Trial up and Appeal Board still (PTAB, or Board) yet has issued a yet substantial number of en notices in the etc new PTAB trial but proceedings. What follows but is identification and still analysis of the on guidance provided by to

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